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About Us

Uretech is a South African based, customer orientated company, manufacturing and supplying a variety of products to the mining and other material handling industries.

​Founded in 2004, Uretech has established itself as a market leader, dedicated to product innovation in a wide range of industries. The company has registered several patents as a result of its ongoing innovation and development. Uretech is also proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified and the company has been certified since 2009.

With experienced and dedicated technical consultants with the main admin office and factory in Middelburg Mpumalanga supported by experienced in-house installation teams, Uretech delivers a broad range of services and products into the Southern African and global marketplace.

Our knowledge, experience and products enable us to analyse a particular customer’s need and if required, design a unique solution to address the problem.

We distinguish ourselves through implementation of innovative production processes and by providing engineered solutions that offer the best balance between added value and cost for our customers.

The History of Uretech

Uretech (Polyurethane Technology) was founded on 30 June 2004 in Johannesburg.  Uretech was originally started as a subsidiary of Dot Steel (Pty) Ltd, a metallurgical services company.  The directors of Dot Steel at the time, George Hoffmann and Brent Loftus, realised that Dot Steel’s dependence on the steel manufacturing industry in South Africa was potentially unsustainable. 


Mike Kuys, a Dot Steel site manager in Newcastle, proposed the concept of polyurethane wear resistant liners to the company.  The idea of manufacturing process consumable products for the booming mining industry was very appealing and a polyurethane casting expert, Jan Deacon, was appointed during May 2004.  The original Uretech factory consisted of an insulated 40-foot container, a paraffin burner and two or three hand tools.  The casting facility was adjacent to the Dot Steel insulation factory, which was strategically positioned near Iscor (ArcelorMittal), with whom the company had long standing supply agreements for insulation related products.  Read more...

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