Basalt Linings

Uretech has been appointed the distributor for one of the leading manufacturers of Basalt tiles and other high temperature resistant wear liners.  Basalt tiles complement a number of other products also supplied by Uretech, especially our high temperature and acid resistant products.

Eutit has been the global leader in high-quality Basalt and Eucor wear resistant products since 1951.  Eutit is the largest manufacturer of Basalt products in the world, with more than 650 years’ reserves left.

Basalt linings are suitable for hydraulic transport of different abrasive or chemical materials.  Special casts: bends, branches, T-pieces, Y-pieces, reducers, nozzles, cyclones have replaced parts made from alloyed steel and have extended lifetime of the equipment five to twenty times.

EUCOR linings are suitable for pneumatic pipeline transport.  EUCOR linings are used in applications where the service temperature is between 400°C and 1100°C (basalt is typically used in applications under 400°C) and applications exposed to extreme operating conditions.

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