Ibheshu Blasting Barricades

The Ibheshu Blasting Barricade (IBB) is a patented, light weight, completely safe, highly durable and efficient barricade, designed specifically for underground mining of mainly precious metals.  IBB’s are manufactured from light weight textiles, with a specially formulated polyurethane coating for blast and impact resistance.

It is the first light weight, effective and durable barricade ever.  IBB have the following benefits, compared to other inefficient blasting barricades:

  • It can frequently be moved with every blast, or after every 2nd or 3rd blast (45-60min to erect), therefore enabling cycle mining
  • It contains virtually all the ore between the face and the barricade, after blasting
  • It can withstand more than 60 blasts at 4 meters from the face
Description IBB Pipe barricades Difference
Weight 4,3 kg/m2 32 kg/m2 7,4 times lighter
Open area (spacers) 0% 18,5% 18,5% less open area
Time to erect 30m panel with x2 installers 60 minutes >8 hours 8 times faster
Average size of barricade 6m2 (26kg) 2,4m2  (74kg) 2,5 times larger
Durability at 4 meters >60 blasts Untested Unknown

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