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Uretech is the exclusive supplier of the Steenvas Epoxy flooring system in the Northern provinces of South Africa. This unique system was developed and uses a locally mined heavy mineral sand, Titanium Carbide, as filler, which gives the product it’s amazing material properties. Steenvas has been a trusted flooring system since 1982 and have many corporate customers and reference sites.

Uretech, through it’s principle Steenvas, has the exclusive right to the filler material. The epoxy binder and filler composition results in the floors being highly resistant to pressure, wear, corrosive and other aggressive agents such as acids, oils and fats.

Each grain within the epoxy composition is covered with a smooth glittering covering of organic fats and natural hardeners which form an extremely strong chemical binding with the inorganic epoxies which Uretech uses.

When applied, the grains within the system come in close contact with each other forming a dense hexagonal spherical compound. The variety in grain size of the mineral with a density of 2,7 kg/l presses out most of the air normally captured in mixed epoxy compounds. Due to the high density of our unique blend of heavy minerals content in the flooring system, the floors produce superior results. Our compound absorb energy quickly and releases it slowly and homogeneously.

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