Steel and Pipe

Uretech is one of the leading polyurethane pipelining companies in South Africa.  Polyurethane has proven itself to be one of the best linings that can be installed in slurry pipes.  Uretech makes use of different methods to line the pipes, depending on the shape of the pipe.  Straight pipes as lined by means a spinning process, while bends, T-pieces, Y-pieces and other complex shapes are lined by means of a disposable inner process.

Description Specification
Length 0,2m to 6m
Diameter 0,1 to 0,6m
Lining thickness 6mm to 30mm (diameter dependent)
Pressure rating Determined by the pipe casing and flange
Maximum constant temperature 60°C
Maximum temperature (spikes) 80°C

Fibre pipes

Uretech has developed a unique method of lining and flanging composite pipes.  Polyurethane lined fibre pipes have the following benefits compared to steel pipes:

  • Substantial weight saving
  • No corrosion risk
  • Very low risk of “cold walling”

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