Polyurethane Spray Linings (Rubberising)

Polyurethane spray linings, also known by some as rubberising, is an excellent product for applications that are exposed to harsh operating environments, such as wear, impact and corrosion.  Polyurethane spray linings can be used as a protective coating in many fields such as mining, bulk material handling, automotive, construction, industrial and housing applications.

Uretech is one of the most experienced polyurethane spray lining applicators in South Africa.  With the help of our technical partners and from experience, we have developed strong installation procedures to ensure a quality product.

Uretech only sells high quality, pure polyurethane and polyurea systems.  These systems have very short curing times and can be applied to a wide thickness variety, ranging from 1mm to 20mm.  Some of the reasons for the popularity of polyurethane spray-on systems include:

  • Various thicknesses can be applied, depending on the high wear areas, thereby saving costs.
  • Spray-on solutions are seamless and have therefore better corrosion resistance, compared to linings with seems.
  • The spray-on system is chemically bonded to the steel, which reduces the risk of delamination.

Uretech also has extensive on-site spraying experience.

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