urecreteUrecrete is an organic epoxy/binder with a filler of black mineral sands, mainly Titanium Carbide.  The product consists of two parts that needs to be mixed in a 1:1 ratio.  Once mixed, the thick liquid material can be applied with a trowel and requires roughly 2 to 3 hours to solidify and a further 3 hours to fully cure.  The curing time is also dependent on the surrounding temperature.

Urecrete can be applied as a wear lining solution in many applications, which could include: slurry pipes, chutes, feeders, bulk material storage, etc.  Urecrete bonds very well to steel and polyurethanes, which makes is an excellent product to use to fix worn our areas in between maintenance shutdowns.

Please read our technical datasheet for a detailed product description and recommended applications.


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