Abrasion is generally a physical, rather than chemical, form of material degradation.  Abrasive wear occurs when a hard rough surface slides across a softer surface.  Sacrificial in the sense that our wear liners are installed on the inside of applications that are exposed to excessive wear.  Our wear liners will therefore be worn out, instead of the application.  It is therefore very important that the lining installed has good wear resistant properties and must be easy to install and replace.

Over the years, Uretech has developed a number of light weight polyurethane wear lining solutions.  These light weight liners were mainly developed to replace steel liners, which are heavy and difficult to work with.  Uretech’s lining solutions include flat liners and a range of “dead-box” liners.  Dead-box liners are extensively used in bulk material handling applications to either reduce the kinetic energy of particles passing through the applications and to use the particles as a wear lining against itself.

Benefits of polyurethane wear liners compared to steel liners

Even though polyurethane is still fairly new and unknown compared to other well established wear resistant materials, polyurethane’s properties and benefits are undeniable and will continue to grow in popularity in years to come.

Uretech liners have the following benefits compared to steel liners:

  • Density:  The density of polyurethane (1200kg/m3) is approximately 6 times less than steel (7500kg/m3), which makes it:
    • Safe to work with and easy to cut and drill
  • Installation time:
    • Customers claim up to a 50% reduction in installation time
    • Female installers can also be used
  • Noise Pollution:  Polyurethane is relatively soft and absorbs energy and noise.  Tests were conducted on measuring the noise levels when lined and un-lined underground hoppers were loaded.
    • Empty hopper                   = 119dB
    • Hopper with UT liners    = 106dB
  • Inexpensive to customize liners (low pattern costs)
  • Wear indicators are built into liners, improving preventative maintenance


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